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Our exclusive collection is designed with contemporary style, modern appeal, and a mesmerizing appearance.

As one of the biggest & most luxurious furniture retail stores in Toronto, Dekolux offers the best quality and after-sale services at reasonable prices. Browse through a variety of our furniture and decorations. All of our models are fully customizable, and our professional team will be so glad to help you achieve your dream home.

Elegance Endures, Style Unfolds

Luxury Furniture & Decoration

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At Dekolux Toronto, our commitment is to deliver a tailored and exceptional customer journey, starting from the initial encounter to the final touch.

Explore our showroom, where a curated selection of premium furniture awaits both industry professionals and discerning consumers. We boast the largest in-stock collections of designer pieces in North America, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Immerse yourself in our exclusive collection, meticulously crafted with a blend of contemporary flair, modern allure, and captivating aesthetics. Elevate your space with Dekolux – where sophistication meets style.